Recipients of the KCORC 2021 Scholarship (5th call for proposals)

Alessandro Cappiello

Robust design of supersonic vanes operating with non-ideal flows

Institution: University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Host institution: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Project overview:

The aim of the project is to develop a robusy design methodology for supersonic stator vanes of mini-ORC turbines that can eventually be used to establish novel design guidelines. The method will be based on a flexible vane parameterization that will enable the design to automatically obtain the optimal vane type and shape for a given application, and for abitrary working fluids.

Chiara Poletto

Numerical and experimental investigation of Carnot batteries based on organic Rankine cycles

Institution: University of Bologna, Italy

Host institution: University of Liege, Belgium

Project overview:

The aim of the project is to advance knowledge of Carnot batteries based on the reversible organic Rankine cycle concept, namely a concept in which the power unit can be operated as heat-pump or ORC generator. Notably, the project will encompass modelling and tessting activities useing a novel 10 kW demonstrator under realization at the Thermodynamics Laboratory of the University of Liege.