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Year Month Title
2020 June News from the KCORC Board - 24.06.2020
2020 May News from the KCORC Board - 13.05.2020
2020 May 3rd International Symposium NICFD2020 for Propulsion and Power- ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE POSTPONED TO MAY 31st
2020 March 3th International Symposium on Non-Ideal Compressible-Fluid Dynamics for Propulsion and Power
2020 February ORC events at City, University of London: 6-7th April 2020
2020 January News from the KCORC Board - 22.01.2020
2020 January ORC 2021 International Conference
2019 December Grant to investigate new concept for aircraft engine and on-board power systems
2019 November News from the KCORC Board - 20.11.2019
2019 November Succesfull ORC 2019 conference
2019 September New chair of the KCORC Editorial Committee
2019 August News from the KCORC Board - 21.08.2019
2019 July Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics
2019 July News from the KCORC Board - 03.07.2019
2019 January News from the KCORC Board - 21.01.2019
2018 December Fourth call for proposals for KCORC scholarships
2018 December News from the KCORC Board - 14.12.2018
2018 July NICFD 2018
2016 June ORC technology research scholarships call for proposals
2016 February Turbomachinery Careers panel session at TurboExpo 2016
2016 January ASME IGTI Board announces 2016/2017 scholarships and awards
2016 January Piero Colonna, Chairman of the Board of ASME IGTI
2015 September We lost a highly esteemed colleague: Joost Brasz
2015 April ORC power systems review article
2015 April AGGAT 2015 - Above Ground Geothermal Allied Technology Global Conference
2015 February ORC technology research scholarships call for proposals
2015 February ERC grant for NShock project of Alberto Guardone
2015 January ICOPE 15 - International Conference on Power Engineering
2014 November ASME ORC2015 Call for Abstracts
2014 November International Workshop on ORC technologies and applications
2014 March ORC Sessions at the ASME TurboExpo Conference
2013 December ASME ORC 2013 video presentations online
2013 October ORC technology meeting in Korea
2013 October ASME Dedicated Service Award (DSA)
2013 July New point contact for the ASME ORC Commiittee
2013 May Editorial board of
2013 April Approval of OP
2013 April Scientific committee of ASME ORC 2013